Rally Classes

Rally O Class

This class is a drop-in class designed for people who want a fun and interactive way to continue to work with their dogs. Rally is an obstacle course of sorts — using stations to practice obedience skills. The dog/handler team proceeds at their own pace, completing each skill. Each week offers a new course for the dog/handler team to negotiate. Stations may focus on such skills as: Down — handler walks around the dog; Weaving around a series of cones together. Rally is a fun way to keep the basic obedience skills learned in puppy and foundation classes sharp while reinforcing the bond between dog and handler.

Prerequisite: Household Manners Class and the approval of the class instructor.

Requisites for the class: 6’ leash (NO Retractable leashes), a regular collar, and soft treats (preferably, a “high value” treat (i.e., a treat the dog really loves)).

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Beginner Rally Class

This class is an introductory level for Rally.  Students will learn the fundamental skills of front, pivot, and heal position.  They will also learn sign descriptions and how to execute the designated skills commensurate with the Novice level in AKC and WCRL level 1.  Additionally, this class will review the AKC and the WCRL rules.  Prerequisite:  Advanced Beginner Class or the approval of the class instructor.

Prerequisite:  Prerequisite Advanced Beginner class, or the approval of the Class Instructor.

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Advanced Rally Class

This class meets the needs of teams who are working on their AKC Advanced and Excellent levels and WCRL Level 2 titles.  Students will gain an understanding of proofing, cue fluency, and the basics of course design will be taught.  Courses will be at the Advanced/Excellent Level (AKC) and Levels 2, 3, and Veterans (WCRL).  Prerequisite:  Beginner Rally Class or approval of the class instructor.

Prerequisite: Beginner Rally Class or off leash control and the approval of the class Instructor.

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