Walk about

Need a space to walk your dog that isn’t freezing, too hot and humid, and where your dog won’t come home a muddy mess? Come to CLErun and walk your dog indoors! We have a 40,000+ square foot facility where you and your dog can walk and get your exercise for the day. Cost is $5.00 per visit. You and your dog are welcome whenever the building is open.

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Doggie Play Time

Need a space that is indoors to get your dog some exercise? We have a 117’X24’ space where you can come and throw a frisbee or ball for your dog. The cost is $10.00 for thirty minutes of play time.

Please note: You must reserve this space (and there are no more than three dogs from the same family at a time).

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Agility Practice

Need to work on your start line stay, practice your weave poles, hitting your contacts or simply running a full-size course? Or, perhaps you just need a different space in which to work. In Ring 1 there is a full-size course set up that you can run or you can simply focus on the specific skills which your team needs to practice. In Ring 2, the contact equipment is available and you may move jumps around to work on specific sequences. You can sign up for agility practice times on the web site. The practice session is $20.00 for 30 minutes. Please note that you must reserve the space.

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